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About Our Company And Owner

H.K. Dog Training is a professional dog training service that can help you train your dog to be obedient and well-behaved in just a few weeks! Call 239-747-7496 for more information about our services today!

H.K. Dog Training was founded in January 2020 by the owner Hunter Kearns. We started out of a residential house taking on one dog at a time after Hunter was inundated with requests from friends and family to fix certain issues with their dogs.

Hunter used his gained knowledge from dog training in the police world and with a slight twist of the knowledge and a lot of time and hard work H.K. Dog training was born.

The sole purpose of the business was the idea of supplying in-depth training to a variety of dogs and dog owners. The point of this training is to provide the appropriate information to dogs in training that stays with them and has a point, a meaning in their day-to-day life with their family.

We offer balanced training that utilizes new age ideas that allow us to mold and groom dogs’ behavior. Using positive whenever available and negative when we must. Showing the dog how their decisions are what lead to the end result (wanted or unwanted).

That’s attained by having and implementing the idea of an in-home training program where dogs are shown rules and standards and then are shown how to maintain these regardless of where they are or what’s happening around them.

We offer board and train style training for dogs of all ages, breeds, shapes and sizes. We aim to give a fully tailored training program specific to each family and dog’s needs and wants. Our goal is to shape a better and easier way of life for both dogs and men there for giving each family.

Our Trainers

Hunter Kearns – Head trainer and owner

With over 8 years of dog training experience as both a law enforcement K9 handler and a pet dog trainer, Hunter uses his vast collected knowledge to problem solve and give each dog their exact training needs to meet the owner’s expectations. He uses his time-built “tool box” of dog training and behavior modification techniques and Implements them in the best way possible for each dog. 

Livia Crews – Assistant trainer

Livia came to H.K. Dog training chasing her goal of learning how to train dogs properly. She was born and lived the first part of her life in Romania where she and her family raised and trained large- breed working dogs for guarding and herding their live stock. Her family also bred and raised protection dogs for the property. After having this as such an intricate part of her up bringing, she wanted nothing more than to advance in to professional dog training. She used this and quickly learned the in’s and outs of the dog training world and has advanced very quickly to a great dog trainer. 

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